Sunday, December 5, 2010


Sometimes too much of a good thing is - well - too much. I've come to realize that I have closets and drawers filled with art work. Some of it interesting, much of it mundane. I've also come to realize that while I may be a jack of all trades I'm not really a master of any. I think it's time to take an art break. Time to take stock of this art filled life and consider what is or what is not - worth it. I could use a bit of R&R.


my croft said...

It sounds as though you might benefit from a potlatch. . .

Canace said...

Okay now.... mundane???

Denise, you are going through the 'argghhh' of being an artist. We all hit it... or should I say it hits us every now and again.

This too shall pass.....

And your work is NOT mundane. Think back... your lovely reception with the pastels... the shops that want your fiber arts and assemblages... uh ha.. now you see it don't you?

And we all have far too much art accumulated because of our need to create.. it goes with the territory.

Take a deep breath... and move forward my good friend. :o)


Tami Cohen said...

this piece is wonderful!

if you really truly want a break, i suggest curling up for a few days with some good books. and hot tea. and a comfy blanket :)

Denise Aumick said...

Tamala...a bankie???...and good chick books about woman and their lives (cause those are the ones I like)...just what the doctor ordered!

Potlatch Mel? Had to look that one up. A party or celebration where the celebrant gives away or destroys their 'wealth'. I'm good on the party part!

Thanks for your kind words, Canace. I need to regroup and breathe. I haven't breathed in a long time.

Sheila said...

Great art, and great blog..

I find the things you write very interesting, very deep..

Even though you need a break from being creative; don't be scared. The desire for creating will come back to you. That's a promise ;o)

Kind regards from
Sheila, Denmark.