Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Visit

Back in the day I used to sell art work on Ebay. It was mucho fun and I made many friends in the Ebay group chat rooms (some of whom I have met in real life and remain friendly with to this day). Every month a NibbleFest Art Contest was held. Artists would post auction pieces for a week and - get this - the starting bid was only 99 cents. This was a contest where the winner could certainly be the buyer! Anyhow, this contest is still running and the next one begins on 7/20. I plan to put this mixed media collage ACEO (look it up if you don't know what these darlings of the Ebay world are) up for auction. If you're interested in seeing what NibbleFest art work is up for auction (some of which will be good) go to Ebay later in the day on 7/20 and type in NFAC in the search bar. Also, keep checking back daily for additions because - remember - these are artists posting the auctions....we aren't always the best at organizing ourselves to meet deadlines so listings will continue to be posted throughout the week.

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