Saturday, July 2, 2011

I struggled with this for good parts of both yesterday and today. It is on a very large stretched canvas (16x40) and I've come to realize that I like working on 140# watercolor paper much better than canvas. Anyway, the photo isn't the best but it gives you an idea of the piece. Odd, but the piece looks much more like it's title in person......Crumbling Walls.

Tomorrow night we're going to hear the NY Philharmonic and see fireworks....where? the site of the Woodstock known as Bethel Woods. I love where I live.


my croft said...

your piece salways seem so mythic -- I envy that. :-)

Barry said...

DA - love the intensity of colour and yet texture and fragmentation. Very cool that you live near Bethel Woods - such history. Enjoy the music. B

Canace said...

Abstracts are not easy are they? I love this Denise... the light and contrast are beautiful. We'll have to see each other's abstracts in person to appreciate all the colors etc.

Ain't the Hudson Valley wonderful?!

Going to the Hurley Stone House Day tomorrow... can't wait!