Saturday, April 14, 2012

This pod vessel is glazed and wrapped with copper wire getting ready to be placed in the wood kiln. I'm hoping the copper creates flash marks on the surface. We shall see.
Above is a flask vessel also ready for the wood fired kiln.

I have visions of this opened pod with an assemblage 'crown' placed on the inside. Of course I still need to learn how to solder in order to make the assemblage crown.

And this is the Tony Moore's wood kiln in Cold Spring that will fire for 4 days burning a number of cords of wood in the process. The second opening towards the back is the wood chamber. That's where my pods will go. Pieces placed here get the most amount of carbon imprinting from the smoke and the ash. After firing for 4 days all the pieces stay in the kiln cooling for 2 weeks. Patience is the name of this game. I can't wait.

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