Thursday, June 28, 2007


Lately (well....really....for at least the past 3 years) I have been wondering about this artful journey I am on and what it is saying. I am struggling with trying to find and answer my inner voice, my thumbprint. I may want to create polished works that scream of mastery with all the latest techniques but I am continually drawn to earthy, funky styles that are filled with home spun elements - chunky hand embroidery & other hand work, beading, textures, abstract designs etc. Perhaps one of the most important factors for me to keep in mind is that if I want to create unique art that expresses my inner self I need to listen to what my *self* is telling me and follow that voice. I have also made a decision to begin taking some drawing and art 101 courses - not art quilting courses. I know how to sew, what I would like to explore is elements of good design and composition.


orion713 said...

Another wonderful piece! I love your work!

I have not tried to roast diakon I wonder if it is firm enough to hold up?

orion713 said...

Tons of garlic and hot sauce to it! YUM! I am going to have to try that. :)