Friday, June 1, 2007

Being Truthful in Tags

I was tagged by a wonderful artist from England (see the Dancing Girl Art link on the right). Ummmmm, thanks Fran - I think. Here are a few wishes and facts about myself.

- I always keep the house neat and clean.
- I am especially patient while standing in a line where the clerk failed first grade math.
- I am still the same size I was in high school.
- My therapist asked me if I would help her work out some issues.
- I am a brunette with naturally occuring blond and red highlights.
- Besides keeping a tidy house I am also a pro at construction and cabinet making and am now trying my hand at furniture building.
- My childhood was perfect, as a teenager I never thought about rebellion and adult life has been a smooth, clean sail.

Ok.....if you believe those you don't need to read the items below....

- I found true love at the age of 46.
- The spicier the food, the better.
- American roots music can transport me to another time and place.
- I have had psychic thoughts and dreams throughout my life but I choose to call these happenings my ‘highly developed intuitive sense’.
- Contrary to #3 & #4 I would not consider myself a New Age type of person.
- I have gone fossil hunting in PA, upstate NY & the Bay of Fundy.
- I do not know 7 bloggers I am comfortable ‘tagging’ so I will only tag a few.

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Dixie Redmond said...

Hey, that's MY piece! As soon as I figure out exactly where its home is, I will take a picture to show you. :-)