Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh The Places We Go!

For months now I have been fiddling around with paint and dyes on fabric, trying this and that with mixed results. The main issue I've been working to resolve is to get a truly texturized, layered effect painted surface on fabric that is not stiff and has an ethereal look. Last night I realized a bit of success with a new technique. I took polyester sheer curtain fabric, stretched it over a frame and then coated it with gel medium on both the front and back. When the medium dried it provided a barrier for the paint but retained a flexible surface on the cloth - even after layers and layers of paint were applied, manipulated with rubbing alcohol, rubbed, layered, etc. The depth of this piece is not captured by this photo. More layers and experimentation to come!


h-bomb said...

oooh, first comment. i like this one, mom. i like the grayness of it. i'd love to see it in person.

Donna said...

there is a subtle "circle" motif that seems to be stamped on one of the layers, or maybe it was in the original weave of the fabric... Wherever its from its very effective. :-)

neki desu said...

this is stunning!yes the circle works really well.
you've inspired me.
thank you for sharing. and thanks for
stopping by my blog.

neki desu

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting, Denise. I don't why I missed it on the Planet.