Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hand Work

Worked on this last night while listening to television and waiting for Steve to come home from his Nuclear Physics (quake & shudder) class. It uses only my own hand dyed fabric and was done purely intuitively – no planning done on this little baby. I’m actually pleased with how it’s turning out. When finished this 4x6 postcard will be sent to Deb L,
who is owed a long overdue trade from me. Better late than never is a motto I live by way too often!


Deb Lacativa said...

Oh my Holy Hiney! My eyes popped when I first saw this piece and then when I read that it was for ME I got a cramp in my jaw!! It's WONDERFUL...all those teeny tiny pieces and stitces. I need to send out postcards more often!

MaryAnn said...

This is positively yummy.

h-bomb said...

I really like this, Mom. I especially love the green background fabric. You are getting really good.