Monday, January 14, 2008

A Gift

Yesterday morning as I was feeling decidedly unblessed I received an email from a woman I did not know. This woman wrote to tell me how much one of my pieces that recently sold (to someone else) meant to her. She is very ill and explained that she wanted to buy the piece but is on a very limited income due to the cost of her medications.

Side Note: When are we as - supposedly - the most developed country in the world going to provide healthcare that is adequate and affordable to ALL of our citizens?

This lovely lady told me that my piece 'Cradle Me' represented to her the faith she has that she is not in control and there is a power much greater who will take care of her and that everything is the way its suppose to be. Her note brought tears to my eyes.

I will - of course - be sending her an art piece free of charge. Knowing that my work was able to touch someone so deeply is a gift that no amount of money can buy.

The piece above is a 4x6" postcard that is a small study for a larger work I'm planning.....painted cloth, free motion quilting and hand embroidery.


Ati said...

A lovely card and a lovely gesture!

Anonymous said...

You are reminding me with this piece how wonderful and textural the hand embroidery stitches can be. I love this piece.

Meg in Tennessee said...

You did receive a wonderful gift and gave one back. What a good day for you

Melanie said...

What a moving story. This is a beautiful piece and every piece of art you create has such feeling and movement to it! Love to visit your blog!

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gunnelsvensson said...

This is a lovely card! I can understand what the lady mean, your art are very beautiful!