Friday, December 19, 2008

Changing Landscapes

Awhile back I was witness to the following statement that was used to describe why terminating (laying off) someone was necessary in the name of - supposed - efficiency...."It's time to change the landscape in our environment". When did stripping someone of their income and throwing their life in turmoil become associated with gardening?
Maybe the greed that is so rampant in many executive offices should be termed "creating lush vegetation"?
Or....maybe...."contributing to root rot" better fits the bill.

Anyway, art.....I "changed the landscape" of the small piece from yesterday's post by overlaying it with dyed silk organza and tulle. I do like how it soften and abstracted the piece even more.


Anonymous said...

In agreement on the "radical pruning" of some workstaff. The fat cats line their pockets then say oops! not enough money to pay wages. Sorry!

And, yes, the addition of the overlay does "soften" this piece, but guess what? I like it better without the overlay! I think it's the blue/yellow that grabs me.

Dixie Redmond said...

Wow. Amazing how a layer of something can change the whole feel of that piece. I love that you can do that, and that you share it here.