Thursday, February 5, 2009

Writing on the Wall

Lately my brain has been toying around with an idea for a new business venture. As I've shared in this blog my current day job is filled with stress and basically sucks out my life's blood (how's that for a graphic description of current conditions in the corporate world?). I'm envisioning a non-profit workshop/seminar center that would relate to the Hudson Valley's past, present and future in regards to the arts. These arts would encompass a wide range including home arts, garden & farming, music, acting, writing, woodworking, etc - you get the picture. The center would celebrate and continue a sense of community by educating and encouraging people to know their roots and help them to imagine their future in this beautiful and history filled part of the country. Programming would be offered for both adults and children, with many scholarships available. I know a bit of a sketchy outline, but what do you think?

And...the piece above (whose title is The Writing on the Wall)...painted, altered cloth with machine and hand stitching. It's available in my Etsy shop.


my croft said...

I think this is splendid.
(and the panel is gorgeous too.)

adrienne trafford said...

i think it's wonderful and if anyone can do this, it's YOU! i wish i lived close by so i could come...and he quilt in this post is amazing of course