Sunday, May 27, 2007

Abstraction and Addiction

I believe that everyone has innate artistic talent and creativity. Often a manageable opportunity to realize success will spur further explorations of these leanings. A local quilt shop has asked if I would be interested in developing and presenting an art quilt class. We envision this workshop to be for beginners - perhaps for first time art quilters - but more for those who haven't really sewn or quilted before. We hope to draw people who are attracted to contemporary art and beautiful fabric, but never really believed they had the ability to create a lovely piece to hang on their wall by using a sewing machine.

If we were able to touch one person enough for them to become one of us I would consider these to be successful classes. I ask you - is it a sin to lead someone down the path of obsessive, compulsive pursual of a obsession?


Anonymous said...

Not if it makes them feel alive!

Annica said...

Quite the opposite! You're doing a good deed!

MaryAnn said...

Giving someone the support and skills to reach inside themselves and pull out a nerve of creativity that has laid dormant for years is a good thing. It is right! Now if they end up with closets full of material and can't pass buy a fabric store without salivating that is part of the creative process too! Yes hoarding is part of the process I know it is!