Monday, May 21, 2007

This Old Farm

My husband has a degree in biochemistry (shudder) and works for that Big Blue company you all know by 3 letters. Layoffs are looming on the horizon (if he's part of the slaughter this go round it will like old times - this has happen to him at the BB company twice already).

The photos above are actual things you can find on our property. We live on old family farm land and we cherish these items from the past. My husband spent his youth milking cows and haying fields. He pretty much embodies that old descriptive phrase 'salt of the earth'.

How does paragraph 1 connect with paragraph 2? Steve just sent in his application to attend a Nuclear Medicine program at Manhattan college in the lower Village after deciding that health care might be a bit more secure than the high tech world of the BB company. It will be very interesting to watch this man manage subways, Greenwich Village and all the cultures, classes and ethnic diversity that is the City. I suspect the call of that wood shed to be filled will be ever present on his mind.

And by the way.....Steve also works with field stone.....he built our fireplace and various walls and foundations around this old pig barn that he has completely renovated and expanded....


Patti Moore said...

What a WARM & WELCOMING home you have, Denise!!... so much like the GREAT lady who lives there! :)

My best to Steve as he adventures into the "Big City"!! I'm sure his country roots will be calling him homeward!


Denise Aumick said...

How sweet your comment is Patti - thank you!
We've already dubbed Steve's initiation to City collage life as "Mr Green Jeans meets the Rastifarian Professor".