Saturday, May 19, 2007

Love Not War

Every month an Ebay art group has a themed listing event and ALL work is offered at starting bids of $0.99. The Nibblefest Art Contest (Ebay search acronym NFAC) tends to become a bidding festival each month with some works rising into the hundreds of dollars (and some not!). Each month different artists participate depending on their muse so sometimes there are gems to be gotten and sometimes not.

This month's theme is The Groovy 60's. Of course my first visions conjured up psychedelic and tie dyed images but then I remembered that famous photo of an Army rifle with a daisy sticking out of the barrel. So the spirit moved me to texturize and acrylic paint a board, collage painted papers and words onto the surface and then portray two lone daisies trying to stay strong and connected, rising from the red and black midst of strive.

Pete Seeger lives in our Hudson Valley area and has stayed true to his activist roots. He is a well respected member of our community and honored for his ground breaking work in cleaning up the Hudson River. While there are many poignant anti-war songs the simple words and haunting melody of this song carry an emotional punch and message that is still relevant in today's world.

When will we ever learn?

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