Monday, October 1, 2007

Listening to the Spirit

As some of you know lately I’ve been struggling with the fact that for my painted, mixed media pieces I like to work small – under the double digit threshold. I opened up an email this morning from Tonya who is a fellow participant in Her note quietly encouraged me to ‘stay true to myself’ and to create the work that I am driven to produce. In other words, try not to control it (hey, there’s a concept for me).

Above is another 4x6’er I created last year. Maybe I could work on presenting these in a larger format – attach them to fabric frames then to painted canvases? This way I could have my cake and eat it too (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting please).


Julaine said...

Denise - absolutely beautiful postcards! I agree about working with the sizes that you are comfortable with - and the small ones are a great way to experiment - fearless, too...

I'm not sure why, but my favorite size is 18x24, but when I want to try something new, it's 12x12 or smaller.

When you're ready to work in a larger format, that creative force will let you know!

Unknown said...

Hi Denise, I found that when I did little sketches for masks or also abstract compositions, it easily lets translate itself into a bigger thing, just respecting the right proportions.

But I also agree that we should not "pressure" ourself to something we are not comfortable with, but sometimes it is a good adventure!
Good luck for your larger formats

Unknown said...

I forgot to say the most important thing, that your work is gorgeous anyway,