Saturday, October 20, 2007


Happily working away here in Shawangunk Ridge land. The top piece is a closeup showing the bit of foiling I added to the whole cloth I've been altering. Right now the cloth has been painted, dyed, printed and foiled enough - the next step will be to quilt it. Probably free motion machine stitching but maybe with some added hand stitched details - we'll see. The bottom photo is of a larger cairns inspired piece that seems to have morphed into a bit of the Garden of Eden. This one will definitely get hand emboidery added - and maybe a snake image or two...we'll see.
Time to get back to work!


Anonymous said...

Denise, please check my blog. You have been tagged. thanks, thelmasmith

Unknown said...

I love the colours and the fusing foil, and wonder what it will look like after stitching.