Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Today is the last day of the Collage Mania Art Auction to benefit the American Cancer Society. Over $8,000 was raised yesterday (yes, it was!!!). Please click on the link under the 2 collages at the top of the page to see all the wonderful art work still available for $40 at 9am Central time and consider purchasing a great piece of art at a great price for a great cause.

About the piece above...the flowers are bizarre and - for sure - unexpected but I like them and they're staying! I need to add some of the tall leaf growth on the left side, bind it and then call it a day. This has become one of my favorite pieces (of course they all are as I do them - afterwards I tend to get critical). For my next larger piece I have images of carnivals circling around my brain.....ferris wheels, cotton candy, merry-go-rounds......Americana.....can you see and feel it?


Anonymous said...

this is my all time most favorite piece! gawgeous xxx

my croft said...

congrats on being "acquired" in a flash on the first day of Collage Mania.
Brava, my friend.

I think the lower left (my left, not the piece's left) seems a little lonely for something.

adrienne trafford said...

you are van gogh with cloth