Monday, May 5, 2008

Opinions, Please

Don't forget! The Collage Mania reverse art auction to benefit the American Cancer Society starts today at 9am Central Time. Click on the link above (under the 2 collage photos) to view the art offered and join in the excitement! Many works by many exceptional artists are posted for your consideration.
On another note....I worked on this piece a bit last night and would love some thoughts on which direction I should take with it. I could keep it sedate and not incredibly unusual by continuing with the top piece OR I could collage in these funky flowers with roots (keeping with the theme of growth) for an unexpected twist. Either way more embroidery will be added to drop in more pops of color. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


d.e.andersen designs said...

I like it with the flowers.

Ruth said...

I think the flowers add a lovely focal point to the design. It's a beautiful piece.

Anonymous said...

I like the simplicity of the piece without the flowers. To me the flowers take away from the overall feel. The piece in it's original form is moving. Just my opinion.

May Terry said...

I like it with the flowers, Denise, but I wouldn't add much more to the design. It's beautiful!