Friday, May 16, 2008


Messing around with textural stitching last night...I think I might mess around some more doubt this will have more added stuff before it's done.

My day job continues to prove challenging but I'm surviving. When I'm feeling particularly 'used up' in my 9-5 world I think of art and what I'm working on or want to do and - all of a sudden - everything goes into its proper perspective. My day job is a function I have to perform. It is only a part of my life and meaningless in most ways - but necessary. But, the minutes and hours that are spent creating nourish my soul and have more to do who I really am than an A+ on a job performance rating ever will.


Anonymous said...

oooh!! I love all the texture on this piece. And the colors.

Annica said...

Hi Denise,
Great piece! The texture is wonderful!

Cindibee said...

This is so beautiful! I never have any other comment than that on your work because it's always wonderful!

Your article was a fantastic read, and it gives me an excuse to finally try out alcohol inks! If I send my copy along with the ATC I'm making for you, maybe you can autograph it. :p