Monday, May 14, 2007


I am the wanna be tryer of all techniques. Show me some special way to stitch something together, a new way to alter a surface or create unique embellishments and my mind begins the race of trying to figure out how to do it, how to change it to make it say 'me' and not say 'you copied so and so'. I'm always searching for the next idea, next design that will cause me to say 'YES! This makes you an real live artist! You have arrived!
Are we ever sastisfied with our skills? our product? Is my dissatisfaction due to the fact that my work is only in its infancy when compared to some others? Or is it because part of our passion encourages us to strive for more, to try and push envelopes & bust down barriers?
Perhaps a carefully thought out acceptance and knowledge of our best skills and, then, honing in on those is the greatest gift we can give our artistic natures. Perhaps my eye for color and abstract design is where my efforts should be placed and explored. Perhaps the distraction of trying this and that is the noise that can keep us from artistic fulfillment.


laura west kong said...

Delicious eye candy! I could stay and look all day, buy then I'd never get any quilting done.

I'm alot like you, trying new things but making them mine. If something really interests me but I'm not completely satisfied with my skills, I will keep at it for more than one quilt, read some books, take a class, make more quilts, etc. and yes, eventually I am satisfied with my skills and products. But if I'm not passionate about it enough to want to pursue it with that sort of investment, sometimes its enough to just play with something new for a series of postcards or one or two small wallhangings.

I agree you do have an eye for color and abstract design, if you still want to try this and that, you certainly can (and should), but keep the color and design the primary focus and the novelty techniques supporting that. Or you could test new techniques on postcards or ATCs, then use your favorites on something larger.

dolls of yore said...

Wonderful "food for thought" Denise.

Denise Aumick said...

Thank you so much for your thoughts and validating comments. I particularly like "...if I'm not passionate about it enough to WANT to pursue it...." Listening to one's inner voice telling you what direction to follow! Thank you for this reminder!

Denise Aumick said...

And are the Queen of Food for Thought and Imagination....

neki desu said...

Denise, found your blog throughPTT. I have been thinking along those lines lately and in fact posted some thoughts at my blog on Tuesday,April 17th.Following one's voice is a challenge, i guess THE challenge

neki desu

Denise Aumick said...

I read your April entry and know that your thoughts are exactly where mine are. We need to look at and think about the 'noise' but need to discern if this is US or just something we like of SOMEONE ELSE!